The concept for our Wenxing bridge design is based on the ideas of connecting tradition, landscape, and sustainability.   The design is inspired by the traditional bridges and buildings, landscape of the old city and Heshui River. The main strategic move is to create a “green” bridge which extends and connects the green landscape along the two sides of Heshui River. This goes beyond the traditional and current models of bridges in China.

Functionally, the bridge is not only for walking across the river and for sightseeing but also a range of possibilities and implementations such as art exhibitions, workshops, social gathering, urban farming and other social and public events when needed. We consider the bridge to be an urban public space that explores the relationship among the bridge, the building and the city.  The Linjiang Building contains exhibition area and cafe connecting to the Hunan-Jiangxi Wharf area with park and outdoor cafeteria. This leads the visitors to the northern end of the bridge to walk to southern side of the river. People can walk along the bridge and stop at multiple locations or walk along the ramp and steps to the roof top of the bridge for sight-seeing or planting vegetables and trees on the roof top. The idea for integrating farming on the roof top is referencing the agricultural tradition in China.

Date: July 01, 2021