The pavilion design aims at creating an iconic landmark and a public space to stop and rest along the harbour’s edge as part of the ¬†Wulugul walk and the Barangaroo precinct. The design respects the context of Barangaroo precinct with its relation to the waterfront. It is inspired by the organic forms of water, the waves, and the Watermans Cove’s form. The proportions and height of the structure respond to the brief requirements of maximum 8m and minimum clearance of 4.5m. The height restriction and clearance helps to maintain views to the water from the Wulugul walk and views from the surrounding buildings. Sustainability is a key component in the design in terms of economical, environmental and social. The space under the roof allows flexibility for different programs including public events, private functions, children’s events or art and sound installation.

    Date: January 28, 2021