The café is located at the corner of St Kilda Road and Wellington Street, St Kilda. The main concepts of the Icon Café design are atmosphere, materiality and light. The Icon Café was envisioned as a place of escape for busy people inspired by the vibrant St Kilda area and Scandinavian atmosphere. We collaborated closely with our client to create a meeting venue especially for families with mums and babies with a relaxing and open atmosphere. The café is a place for people to slow down, breath in and have a break during a busy day. The café has a small footprint of 58 square meter so our design strategy was to use neutral and light colours for ceiling, walls and floor to make the space more spacious. We also minimised the number of tables to keep the space more open and to encouraged the customers to seat on the long benches to start a conversation. The design took advantage of the northern aspect of the site and minimised the amount of artificial lightings use. The space is filled with natural light. Hidden warm light under bench top and cabinet creates a sense of floating and make the space lighter. Hand-made porcelain pendant lights bring love, care and cosiness to the space.


Date: February 01, 2020