The research focused on the Hanoi peri-urban zone through the theme of farms as workplaces. The expansion of Hanoi due to urbanisation and industrialisation process has resulted in the loss of vast agricultural lands affecting the livelihood of existing inhabitants and threatening the food supply for the city and country’s food exportation. The farming industry has been forced to transform to deal with changes such as insufficient productive lands and environmental contamination. The notion of boundary and peri-urban interface are in constant redefinition. The result of the project is a network of speculative projects providing laboratories which offer transitional strategies for farming adaptation in production land waiting for urban and industrial development. The intervention could be temporary as in the case of adaptive breeding livestock factory or more permanent in the case of the farming institution and agricultural museum. The research in Hanoi contributes to the understanding of Hanoi peri-urban landscape and creates new opportunities for urban architectural innovation.


Date: October 12, 2014